Enter 53 banks in the draft National Distributor
01/09/2012 01:58
BAGHDAD / Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network - the central bank of Iraq entered for 53 banks as members of the national project divider that will enable a person to the credit card holder of financial withdrawals from any bank in the whole country without having to rely on the branches of the bank in which it was deposited.

The deputy governor of the Bank the appearance of Mohammed's (Brief Center for IMN)
"was introduced 53 banks as members of the national project chunked your credit card, which will be under the supervision of the Central Bank."

He added that "the central bank in the process of selection of a solid company submit bids for the project divided the national credit card."

And help USAID Iraq in the accomplishment of a split which would establish national partnership between Iraqi banks.

Iraq has more than 50 banks with about 800 branches in Baghdad and the provinces, and the central bank says that the per capita share of the Iraqi banking services less than four times as much as in neighboring countries.