Saturday, September 1, 2012 12:41
Chihod: legislative reform actually began in parliament

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. A member of a coalition of Douala law Mohammed Saadoun Chihod, Saturday, that the reform actually began in parliament, adding that the debate and amend the laws within the last sessions of the House of Representatives comes in the framework of implementing the provisions of the reform paper.
Said Chihod told / Baghdadiya News / "reforms have found their way to the application, represented by the discussion and amendment of some important laws and flexibility discussed by those laws evidence of signs of a real understanding within the House of Representatives."
The Chihod that "reform is divided into several sections, including what legislative including judicial as well as reform the practical," noting that "legislative reform has already started and we will see in the coming period the application of judicial reform and the process of concrete will cast on the general situation of the country in a positive way," accusing those who deny the existence of reform trying to "create a political crisis that have become accustomed."
He continued that "the messages that arrived at President Jalal Talabani, which calls for speedy holding of the National Conference is evidence that unpopular reforms and support in political circles and that's what Stffersh next stage."