Specialists: rising inflation in Iraq naturally and is consistent with the reality of the economy : August 29 / August (Rn) – counting specialists rise in inflation levels normal and consistent with the reality of the Iraqi economy and imbalances suffered by them, stressing the possibility of control despite the presence of substantial reasons behind this slight increase. Bazar, Market And reduced the Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh of the importance of the slight increase witnessed inflation levels during the past few months, considering the increases in prices and declining natural, not increasing.

Saleh told the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that the most important reasons for the high prices caused by imported inflation in the world, and particularly in imported foodstuffs, indicating that the food still accounts for more than 30% of the paragraphs constituting the consumer price index.

It should be noted that the components of the consumer basket Iraqi import par excellence and by oscillating between 70 – 80%.

Saleh added that Iraq is within the area of ​​the dollar in terms of the nature of its imports, as well as its oil exports, indicating that there is a price changes reflected a decrease during the current month by 8% from the same month last year despite rising food prices by 3.7% is what makes Iraq vulnerable to these price fluctuations.

He attributed the benefit of this slight rise to higher rents and the inability of accommodation services in Iraq, stressing that it saw significant increases amounted to 32% approximately, pointing out that the policy of import if remained at this level of openness, Iraq would be to price fluctuations expected in the world positively or negatively, which will impact on inflation levels.

And adopts the CBI monetary policy comes in first priority to reduce inflation through practical programs and actions working on coordination with fiscal policy large الإنفاقية.

For his part, counting spokesman and the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi rise in inflation levels reasonable and logical by virtue of the structural imbalances and structural suffered by the national economy.

The most beautiful Hindawi told (Rn) the reasons for this rise to an enormous cash blocks in the Iraqi market due to policy large الانفاقية as well as increased demand for goods and services and rising food prices in the world.

Hindawi stressed the determination of the Ministry of Planning to tackle inflation, through the merits of five-year development plan 2013 – 2017 and adopted by his ministry and through the window of foreign investment in the housing sector, which is the biggest problem in inflation levels.

And launched by the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation five-year development plan in July 2010 to the year 2014, but it had conducted an update to start to 2017 and includes large projects in different economic and service sectors.

The economist said Ahmed ابريهي (Rn) that inflation in Iraq is still within acceptable limits, which did not exceed the 6% mark.

And added ابريهي Iraq after developing countries dependent on oil and nature high الانفاقية, which causes the generation of permanent inflationary pressures due to limited production capacity off the high demand.
And called ابريهي and planning and finance ministries to monitor the situation of supply of goods and services and continue to break bottlenecks and continued efforts to control costs.

And confirmed ابريهي and presence of inflationary pressures in Iraq, especially in the sectors of electricity, housing, pointing out that he is not necessarily a reflection of all inflationary index of consumer prices.
The annual core inflation for the month of July compared to the same month last of last year’s 5.9%.

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