Barzani's talk of succession Talabani premature .. And assume the presidency will rotate
2012-08-28 19:53

A member of the coalition, the Iraqi MP Mohamed Khaldi remarks of the President of Kurdistan Massoud Barzani باحقيته in the succession of President Jalal Talabani, in the event of exposure to strong viewer stop him from carrying out his duties, as premature statements. Khalidi said, in a statement singled out the "secrets News Agency / not /" Sunday, talking about it to be premature, noting that he can not predict the unseen.

Khalidi said that assuming the presidency of the republic may be in the next stage in a periodic manner between the political blocs. Khalidi explained that Massoud Barzani has no right to talk about the succession of President Jalal Talabani, because like all the political blocs and not just the Kurdistan Alliance.

The newspaper (The Guardian) British had published in its issue on Monday, Aug. 13 news story about hidden conflict between the two Kurdish parties to take over as president in the event that Jalal Talabani to strong viewer stop him from carrying out his duties. The newspaper said that Massoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan region said without shame in front of members of his party in the ordinary meeting held on Sunday August 12 current that the position of President of the Republic should be our share and will to not allow for the job to be the share of the party Jalal (National Union), even if it took that fighting a war for that