ERBIL, Aug. 28 (AKnews) Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has warned Baghdad it will stop oil exports again if the central government continues holding off payments to the oil companies operating in the region.

KRG has set September as the start date for halting oil exports. An official has said Baghdad has not showed any sign of intentions to pay for the oil companies.

The KRG and Baghdad have long been in dispute over control of oil and territory. Baghdad wants to maintain the right to signing oil deals and export it, while Kurdistan Region is pushing for management of it own oil fields signing exploration deals with major energy companies lie Exxon Mobil, Chevron.

Kurdistan Region halted exports of crude oil in April this year after Baghdad rejected payments to the operating companies. The region resumed exports on Aug. 7.

Baghdad says the two governments agreed that KRG would export 175,000 bpd but the exports have ranged between 100,000 bpd to 120,000 since resumption of exports.