Beirut: network Akhbaralarac - long visit by the Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, Acting Moscow, where he arrived more than a month ago.

Observers believe follow Iraqi affairs that al-Dulaimi's visit to Moscow linked to Iraq's efforts to convince the Russian leadership sell sophisticated weapons to Iraq, including missiles ((ss300 ))

Which is one of the latest missile systems produced by Russia's weapons arsenal.

Previously, Russia and agreed to sell this species of missiles to Iran but quickly retreated on the subject because of the uproar sparked by America and Israel and the West about the dangers of such a deal that gives Iran likely military rocket can be used to repel any strikes against them closely to its nuclear program.

Observers Rahj Dulaimi commissioner by the Maliki government to pay for the arms deal this Balkash urged Russian officials to accept and quickly linked to the events taking place in Syria.

Observers likely that the Maliki government is seeking to obtain these missiles commissioned by Iran, where he will be transferred to the Iranians if they come to Iraq to be installed inside the Iraqi border camouflage.