8-26-2012 Security Reforms Initiated: Maliki initiated reforms and major changes include security leaders in the ministries of Interior and Defense against the backdrop of the recent attacks carried out by terrorist groups recently targeted innocent citizens and workers in state institutions. Reforms which began by Prime Minister going on according to two tracks, the first changes lengthened security leaders in the ministries of Interior and Defense sectors include responsible for sites and team leaders and delivered to sectors more responsibility to provide protection to the citizens, and the second will include the fight against corruption and the corrupt and discipline and raise their files to the competent authorities to obtain their just punishment. http://www.alsabaah.com/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=33622

8-26-2012 Breaking News: Maliki and Nujaifi's meeting ends. The meeting was fruitful, where most of the outstanding issues were agreed on, and Maliki and Nujaifi will make an press statements to the media. The Prime Minister Maliki received the House Speaker Osama Nujaifi this morning. http://www.ninanews.com/english/News...ar95_VQ=GDEDMI