Muttalibi calls on parliament to speed up the legislation of the oil and gas law to resolve the dispute with the province : Saturday, August 25 /

Called a member of a coalition of state law Saad logistical Parliament to expedite the enactment of the oil and gas returned him “that will solve the contentious points between the province and the center of the hand KRG contracts with oil companies.

He Muttalibi told all of Iraq [where] today, ” said the most important key points that must be discussed in the forthcoming national meeting is the government’s lack of control on the KRG contracts with oil companies and resolve this fundamental point by returning to the Constitution. “

Called “parliament to speed up the legislation of the oil and gas law, noting that” the federal government is committed to what exists in the Constitution, which stipulates that the contract with oil companies by the federal government. “

“With the absence of the enactment of the oil and gas, all the action outside the constitutional text is a clear violation of the Constitution and must be undone and if the enactment of the oil and gas and this was the law commensurate with the aspirations of the Kurdistan region and ايتنافى with the Constitution would be a solution to the crisis.

On the contract with the province’s Total Muttalibi said that “company Total will lose all contracts with Iraq will not be called in the future to any long-term contract with Iraq and would lose all possibilities to work inside Iraqi territory.”

The French oil company Total announced Monday August 20 it had bought a minority stake in the exploration area in the Kurdistan Region, ignoring threats by the central government in Baghdad.

The deputies had uncovered a U.S. role in the formation of a committee of the UN mission in Iraq UNAMI to help the House of Representatives on legislation the law of oil and gas and resolving political differences about. “

The oil and gas law one of the most prominent controversial laws and differences between the political blocs because of his role in organizing the management of oil wealth and the authority to contract with investment companies in the oil sector between the federal government and the local governments and the Kurdistan region.

The odds between Arbil and Baghdad on 41 oil contracts signed by the provincial government since 2007 until now and see the central government in Baghdad that any oil contract must be consent and refused Kurdistan recent draft of the oil and gas law approved by the Iraqi government and sent to the House of Representatives.

The oil imports about 95% of Iraq’s budget, but so far there is no law in the country organizes its affairs after the failure of the House of Representatives its previous session to pass the oil and gas law, which was expected to rise oil situation if approved.

The scene in the Iraqi political crisis several months ago and despite meetings between the blocs and bilateral meetings and various initiatives unfinished crisis but increased and branched In the meantime the country is witnessing a noticeable decline in the security situation and services and the spread of financial and administrative corruption as announced by the competent authorities.