Obama in his first visit to Baghdad
بتاريخ : الجمعة 24-08-2012 02:09 مساء

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هاتفي بين كلينتون وزيباري لتنسيق الزيارة The possibility Obama's visit to Iraq .. a telephone conversation between Clinton and Zebari to coordinate the visit

قا. A statement from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry issued Thursday: Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received on Wednesday a phone call from Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State in search through a number of bilateral issues between the two countries, particularly visits and meetings to come, and the upcoming visit of the delegation of senior U.S. to Baghdad.

The statement said also during the call, discuss the status of Syrian refugees and Iraqi and international efforts to provide humanitarian aid and assistance required.

And was also an exchange of views and consultation on Iraq's regional relations and the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on the conditions of the neighboring countries.

كما ج It was also emphasized that Iraq did not support regional interventions in the Syrian situation and oppose the militarization of the conflict, and it was agreed that continuing communication and consultation between the two sides.

ور Observers likely that U.S. President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden visited Iraq shortly after the success of the visit of the President of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff Gen. Dempsey and which lasted limited hours