Predicted Member / coalition in Iraq / Rashid al-Azzawi, the remaining outstanding problems until the end of the age of the House of Representatives and the government, pointing out that the age of the Council and the government will end after (15) months.

Azzawi said in a press statement: The Iraqi List, when I sat down with the head of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari was not there and reforms paper submitted by him, but just a collection of ideas presented and demanded Iraqi submit their ideas.

He added: that the ideas presented by Jaafari were positive to resolve outstanding problems and especially since the political process need a lot of reforms.

Azzawi said: that political differences will continue to the end of the electoral cycle, and especially did not keep the government from the age of just (15) a month and did not see any citizen services and the stability of the political and security situation only to political wrangling.

Included reform paper three points is inviting all political parties to review the situation in light of the political crisis experienced by the country and invited the political parties to deal with the dialogue positively and put all the files on the basis of adherence to the constitution, as well as to invite partners to discuss the important files and find solutions according ceilings time In addition to the commitment to the truce media.