High Nassif calls for the revision of economic agreements with countries in the region since 2003

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Demanded MP for the Iraqi bloc free high Nassif government to reconsider the economic agreements with countries in the region since 2003.

Nassif said in a press office told him the block: the most economic and trade agreements signed by Iraq with the countries of the region since the years following the fall of the former regime have not touched any little economic sense but it has made Iraq a market for the disposal of their products.

She added: Sure, most of these unequal treaties signed in the conditions differ from the current circumstances, both in terms of the weak control of state institutions, or the lack of serious follow-up by the specialized authorities in overseeing the agreements and evaluate their economic feasibility.

و It continued: The time has come today to the Government to reconsider all agreements concluded with these countries since 2003 and to this day, and sort bad from the good, especially note that mostly to Atsb only in the interest of those countries at the expense of Iraq. (End)