Deputy for Iraq: the reforms are still slogans and the National Alliance implemented and reassure the blocks : Date: 08/23/2012 09:12:02 Thursday

Diyala (news) .. Called on the leadership in the dialogue Bloc MP / coalition in Iraq / Raad Dahlaki, the National Alliance to implement the reforms announced, to reassure the political blocs existence of good faith in order to get out of the current political situation.
Said Aldhlki in a statement to the Agency (news): The paper reform put forward by the Eid al-Fitr and there positive to ask, but the blocks have not received formally and it is still slogans and ink on paper has not carried out, and the National Alliance to provide real reforms and restore the confidence between the political blocs , Ttminha good intention in enacting reforms.

The Iraqi MP: We need to buy time convergence of views and melting ice blocks differences in the service of the political process and the country.

Included reform paper three points is inviting all political parties to review the situation in light of the political crisis experienced by the country and invited the political parties to deal with the dialogue positively and put all the files on the basis of adherence to the constitution, as well as to invite partners to discuss the important files and find solutions according ceilings time In addition to the commitment to the truce media. :