Date: 08/23/2012 07:58:03 Thursday

Baghdad (news) .. Revealed the leadership / coalition of state law / Saad logistical, not convinced the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance reform paper, adding that the Kurds are afraid their political and economic interests and want to continue Iraqi crisis.

Said Muttalibi in a statement (of the Agency news): Some coalition parties of Kurdistan and especially some powerful actors within the Kurdistan Democratic Party, referring (to Massoud Barzani) believe that paper reforms lead to a decline in influence economic, political and lead to some kind of balance within the political process they stand deduced than that.

He added: internalized within the Accord Movement believes that the continuation of Iraqi crises allow them to gain votes in the next election, so they want the continuation of the crisis.

He a member of a coalition of state law: that the Kurdistan Alliance does not want to lose political and economic privileges and does not want the Iraqi political process to return to normal.

Included reform paper three points is inviting all political parties to review the situation in light of the political crisis experienced by the country and invited the political parties to deal with the dialogue positively and put all the files on the basis of adherence to the constitution, as well as to invite partners to discuss the important files and find solutions according ceilings time In addition to the commitment to the truce media.