America plans to stop supporting Iraq for Iran economically


Baghdad/JD/...Watching a number of countries in the world economy of Iran decreased due to international economic sanctions imposed on it, but u.s. officials say Tehran is still in contact with international banking transactions, thanks to Iraq.

David Cohen, Assistant Treasury Secretary for financial intelligence network (CNN) that they "will continue the unconscious efforts to prevent Iran from avoiding us and international financial sanctions, whether by Iraq or other States."

The US State Department said more than once that "the country was clear and explicit with Iraq on Iran's attempts to circumvent the financial penalties, citing cooperation from Iraqi officials."

And Iraq is the same country that the United States paid alot, it was war on former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, nearly 327 billion dollars, in addition to training Iraqi forces, Iraq reconstruction projects which cost around 6. ‪ ‬ 5 billion dollars.
And trade between the two countries are not new, and some commercial transactions that take place on the ground, but the United States wants the Government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, stop supporting Iran economically.

In turn she said Victoria Noland, a spokeswoman for the State Department, the United States discussed the issue with Iraqi officials when he learned of the lack of commitment of some banks to financial penalties, such as elaf Bank, to fill gaps in Iran.
Said John altruman, an expert on Iraq at the Center for strategic international studies and that Iraq was not ready for war with Iran as the United States, adding: "it is naive to surprises from the Iraqi Government's lack of commitment to the economic restrictions on Iran by virtue of the relationship between the United States and Iraq and the interests of the current Government in Baghdad."

Baghdad has confirmed that its trade with neighbouring Iran and clear public, denying reports that help them to circumvent the sanctions through smuggling oil and allow them to transfer large sums of money through secret bank transactions.
Said Ali al-Mosawi Adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for '' French '': '' We confirm that our dealings with Iran in all things clear and publicly and didn't do anything, but we feel that we are dealing with less than the permitted range. "the Iraqi official said reports the sale of Iranian oil through the Iraqi ports" sheer lie and fabrication ".

The volume of trade between Iraq and Iran which fought eight years significantly since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, which amounted to some 11 billion dollars in the year resulted in a war between Iraq and Iran that killed about 1 million people.
During 10 years the United States and its allies tightened sanctions on Iranian banks and companies and institutions in order to put pressure on Iran to stop nuclear enrichment program, Iran accused the West. the possession of nuclear weapons but denies this./ended CNN