Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki the U.S. to accelerate the pace of arming the Iraqi security forces, helping to secure Iraq's sovereignty over the entire land and waters and airspace.

Maliki's call came during a meeting with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, who responded to confirm "the United States is willing to discuss all of Iraq's needs in the field of defense as to ensure its unity and independence," according to a statement from the meeting of the Prime Minister's Office.

Maliki said upon receiving the official in his office this evening, General Dempsey and his entourage: "The strategic framework agreement painted all these tracks and we follow up on the implementation of what was agreed upon, whether in the field of military cooperation and armaments or in other areas."

The statement added that al-Maliki said: "The building of Iraq's capabilities and equip its forces with modern equipment including defense believes his goals, contribute to the stability of the region and its stability."

The statement said: "During the meeting, they discussed the current depth of the situation in Syria and the region."

Maliki said: "Iraq, since the outbreak of the crisis, was keen on the need to move away from interference in internal affairs and work to promote a peaceful political solution."

He see Iraq posed from the outset, which he said: "It is an integral part as proposed by Representative internationalist and joint Arab Kofi Annan, through its focus on the need to move within the political steps deliberate lead to the desired change, without giving further violence and bloodshed," noting : "that Iraq presented a paper on this matter for some delegations of Arab States at the Summit, which was held in Baghdad."

And called on the Prime Minister to: "move quickly to stop the bloodshed and achieve the desired transformation of the Syrian people," stressing Iraq's readiness to provide all he can to do so.

For his part, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the U.S. military believed that Iraq can play an influential role in the Syrian crisis more than any other country in the region due to its privileged position during this crisis.

General Dempsey said: "The United States is proud of its partnership with Iraq and progress made on the security side and in the building up military forces on the basis of scientific and professional," he said, adding the United States is willing to discuss all of Iraq's needs in the field of defense as to ensure its unity and independence.