MP-Mutlaq: Maliki demands invited Gen. Dempsey to urge his government to speed up the arming Iraqi army

21.08.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -
Baghdad (news) student member of the security and defense committee in Parliament MP for the coalition in Iraq Hamid al-Mutlaq, the prime minister and chief of staff of the Iraqi army, urged the chief of staff of the armies of U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey on the fastest U.S. arming the Iraqi army according to the contracts signed between Baghdad and Washington. Mutlaq said ( Agency news): Iraq signed contracts arming with the United States, in addition to the existence of a security agreement between Baghdad and Oashtun include cooperation in arming and training Iraqi forces, so it is necessary to urge Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a meeting with Gen. Dempsey to accelerate his country arming the Iraqi army. He added that the Iraqi army needs to be supplied and equipped with the latest weapons to continue the defense of the land of Iraq, and fighting groups and militias for armed, and continued: the duty of the chief of staff of the Iraqi army team Babacar Zebari also invited and urged Gen. Dempsey on the implementation of the agreements between Baghdad and Washington. This consists of the Iraqi army 15 military band mostly infantry divisions estimated many of its members about 350 thousand soldiers, and has no less than 140 tanks Abrams modern American-made. addition to the 170 Russian tanks and Hungarian-made, most of them in aid from NATO to the Iraqi government and hundreds of personnel carriers and heavy artillery and rocket launchers .

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