Tuesday, August 21, 2012 17:47
Frankincense: the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and the security minister first sheet items Reform

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. A member of a coalition of state law Sadiq gum, Tuesday, that the rules of procedure Mesdoua the Council of Ministers and the resolution naming the security minister first points reform paper put forward by the National Alliance in order to solve the outstanding problems between the political blocs.
He added frankincense told / Baghdadiya News /, "The Minister of National Alliance who have a long legal aspect they share the writing of the rules of procedure of Ministers," pointing out that "the draft will be presented to the Council in order to discuss them with the rest of the ministers of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to come out with a draft participates in written all parties. "
He pointed out that "the terms of reform paper represents the fundamental issues that constitute a broad impact in the path of political reform, including balancing the state institutions and the designation of the security minister and resolve the file of the detainees as well as legal oil and gas and the elections, calling on everyone to show flexibility and work positively with the paper in order to get out of the dilemma introduced the political process. "
The National Alliance has put forward a paper he called political reforms and invited the Chairman of the Commission reforms alliance president of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari in a statement read on July 7 last three points all parties involved in the political process to deal with the initiative of dialogue on the basis of adherence to the constitution and reforming state institutions