Iraqi parliamentary: They will ask political leaders set the region after the fall of the Sunni al-Assad regime : 02:45:20 / 08/2012

Khandan - A member of the Iraqi parliament Iraqi List MP free Zuhair al-Araji, said some leaders of political blocs They will ask idea of ​​creating a region of the Sunni provinces in western Iraq, after the fall of the Syrian regime headed by Bashar al-Assad.

The MP for the Iraqi Free: that some political parties, including the leaders of political blocs support what is happening now in Syria, and it will be the idea of ​​establishing the region's Sunni provinces in western Iraq after the fall of the Syrian regime.

They said the site "Khandan": There indicated clear that the provinces (Anbar and Nineveh) that fall within the borderline of Iraq with Syria Stanian volatile security after the fall of Assad.

The independent MP in the National Alliance Jawad Albzona has revealed in an earlier statement, "Khandan" that The government will not be able to continue to abort requests provinces shift to regions, calling engaged in the preparation and paper reform to include the issue of turning the provinces into regions where. :