10:22:20 / 08/2012
Ports Basra
Khandan - A report to the Agency "Reuters" on Monday that Iraq's oil exports from southern ports rose 30 thousand barrels per day since the beginning of August / August so far compared to their level in the past month to near record a record level for the period after the war.
The data show navigational monitored "Reuters" that the average exports from southern Iraq amounted to 2.25 million barrels per day in the first 20 days of August.
The average exports in July, 2.22 million barrels per day, the highest level since before the year 2003, according to data and the International Energy Agency.
Iraq exports most of its oil from the south, and the resulting operating platforms new export and investment from foreign companies to higher exports, which remained static at the same level for several years, and helped rising supplies Iraqi this year to rein in soaring oil prices at a time when targeting the Western sanctions Iran's exports.
The more oil from fields in southern Iraq, including the Rumaila occupied by me. BP and West Qurna 1 occupied by U.S. Exxon Mobil and Zubair being developed by Italy's Eni.
In addition, the Iraqi official said in July that the Halfaya field which is run by China National Petroleum Corporation pumped at least 80 thousand barrels per day, which contributes to the promotion of flows.
Iraq has said that its exports overall, including about 300 thousand barrels per day from the north reached 2.52 million barrels per day in July, and may limit the decline in exports north of the increase in total supply Iraq in August.
Iraq has exported about 400 thousand barrels per day from the north earlier this year to the Kurdistan Regional Government announced in April that it would halt its oil flows because the companies operating there did not receive payments from the financial central government in Baghdad. : http://translate.google.com/translat...4454%26Jor%3D2

The crude product was hurt in Kurdistan in Kirkuk pipeline to export Iraqi oil. The program showed exports to download Kirkuk that supplies will be 197 thousand barrels per day only in August, but after the issuance of this program resumed Kurdistan oil export rate of 100 thousand barrels per day in an attempt to settle the dispute with Baghdad over payments.