Parliament is preparing to interrogate al-Shahristani, after the feast and the Committee on Energy recommends his dismissal :
09:25:20 / 08/2012

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy - Hussain al-Shahristani

Khandan - Iraq's parliament is preparing to grill the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani after the holiday on "corruption in the file contracts for electricity," while the "Al-Hayat" that report to the Committee on Energy recommended his dismissal.

Iraq has been a severe shortage of electric power, since at least the rate of supply for 6 hours a day. Iraq needs to more than 15 thousand MW, while the production of the Ministry of Electricity ranging between 500 and 5300 MW.

She Kurdistan Alliance MP longings dry to interrogate al-Shahristani, who attends months ago, does not include two and a half years of age, but the government includes open file electricity during the past nine years.

Ezzat and dry in a statement to "life" the acute shortage of energy to "rampant corruption in the public sector and the absence of strategies and plans necessary for the advancement of this sector, as well as the absence of the oversight role of Parliament."

She explained that "whenever you open a file corruption or I want to question the Minister rises votes mass Parliament restricted because of conflicts and intersections political."

She pointed out that "the parliamentary energy commission report was prepared for a long time to interrogate al-Shahristani, however, that the dispute between the members of this committee prevented the interrogation."

Dry and called the Presidium of Parliament and all MPs to "accelerate the open file corruption in the electricity and stand strong and stand to make a significant change."

The costs vary declared for the electricity sector since 2003, ranging between $ 27 billion and 46 billion dollars. She informed parliamentary sources "life" that the report of the Committee on Energy, which is supposed to report to the Presidency of the Parliament after the Eid recommends dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani from office and forwarded to the judiciary.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sacked early August last year, Minister of Electricity Raad waterfall on the back of the signing of contracts with companies and fake one billion and 700 million dollars.

He considered the leader of al-Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr dismissal "a betrayal of it aimed at protecting the spoilers of accountability and punishment," while accusing independent MP Sabah al-Saadi al-Maliki a deal with the Minister of Electricity Raad waterfall spend to accept his resignation instead of being sacked in exchange for not going to the parliament and revealed some of the names task, demanding Shahristani dismissed.

The decision of Parliament MP Mohammad Al-Khalidi said that the request for questioning Hussain al-Shahristani did not reach the formal to the Presidency.