Sadrist fun of paper reforms and say: We will not sign it because it did not define the mandate of Prime Minister
Published 20/08/2012 12:25 PM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation"

MP for "Liberal bloc" actress of the Sadrist movement Hussein Alwan al-Lami paper political reforms to "time-consuming and quantization of the mouths of political pronounced reform", declaring that "the Sadrist movement did not agree on the content of the paper reforms."

said Lami today he was "four months ago to hear the paper's political reforms did not touch them little or nothing," noting that "paper-like reforms the national meeting, which was advocated by everyone, but we have not seen something from him."

The leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr
said I do not expect to agree the political blocs in the near future on paper reforms and agreed these political forces on what you want, there are some demands that do not specify a fate far from the mandate of Prime Minister cycle only one. "

He said al-Lami said that "the Sadrist movement did not agree on the content of the paper's political reforms because it did not contain the content of the most important paragraph and placed in a paper Erbil, Najaf is the mandate of Prime Minister cycle and only one," pointing out that "the Sadrist movement will not agree to this paper as long as do not include the mandate of the Prime Minister. "
and explained that "the reasons for holding the Sadrist movement renewed the mandate of the Prime Minister, because we do not want to establish a dictatorial regime last in Iraq," noting that "the Constitution, which the situation in Iraq has on many loopholes and bigger its gaps he did not specify the mandate of the Prime Minister cycle and one or two sessions, as defined by the Presidency of the Republic. "
said al-Lami said that "the constitution is today confirms that the Constitution contains mines and loopholes and pitfalls and many mistakes," adding that "today we have to finish these gaps and heading towards legislation and decision-making wisely to remove differences and end the suffering the Iraqi street, which has become in the wind. "