Cronyism and clientelism and bribery open door recruitment!
Nabil al-Haidari
Believes most Iraqis today that "nepotism" and cronyism and clientelism and bribery, control the employment and recruitment in government departments, and ahead of efficiency, competence and integrity, and fear that the appointments of relatives of Iraqi officials in government departments have become a phenomenon well-established, says the citizen, Merciful. has long repeated the officials and politicians House and fears of the risk of corruption and penetration in the joints of the state, but the reality reveals that most of them were involved in the consolidation of corruption through the employment of people with wombs in positions and locations may not be qualified in, this is confirmed by the MP unit Jumaili that you find in administrative corruption cancer erode in the body of the state Iraqi, pointing out that it became fashionable in Iraq today to dominate family or clan, or a particular component to this ministry or that.

Deputy: We all Nnhaz to hire kin, but!

Jumaili admitted in her radio Iraq Aharbonha and most MPs and officials are seeking to appoint kin when there are opportunities for recruitment, but fears of rampant so as to prevail in all employment opportunities to score deprives then the average citizen and owner of specialization of the job.
receive Jumaili blamed the political process established quotas at the political and administrative, and burrowed Daaha in various aspects of the state, for the common influence family and individual to get the gains, including the appointment of jobs.
accuses Jumaili many who Atsenmon important locations according to the standards favoritism they incompetent Ohilthm their parties and blocs regardless of specialization and expertise. not surprised Attorney Kazem Al-Shammari that Iraq tops the world in the prevalence of corruption in the administrative structure, Vachammra find that the influence of families, parties and exclusivity relatives and affiliates and associates on the job, regardless of efficiency, competence concern.

Favoritism damaged efficient
See from convince Sana Abdallah, graduate university three years ago that dream to get fit and guest Mahlha scientific, that it could be without mode or bribe or enroll for this official or that? Sana said to Radio Aera s free she made ​​dozens of times for Neil and guest suit specialization, but finally realized the futility natural way to get a job.
, and in this regard warns expert development and investment Amer Jeweler of the prevalence of the phenomenon of nepotism and clientelism and bribery in the area of employment and turn it into a custom cushions and acceptable represents PLAGUE big as he put it, which means the removal efficiency and specialization to be replaced by inflation administrative, non-productive and debilitating to the state's performance, especially since many of those who were appointed to positions of leadership and sensitive they were incompetent as long as the skills and experience is not a criterion to fill those positions.
tells MP Kazem Al-Shammari More examples of declining level of performance, and the absence of the estimated administrative and technical, to senior officials positions turning stories about them to the jokes circulating Iraqis sometimes. was the House of Representatives discussed its first session on the bill Service Board Federal Civil Regulatory Affairs public office and freed from politicization and partisanship in application of Article (107) of the Constitution