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    Brian's screen shot...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the screen shot CCF took (himself) last nite. The date and time are part of the file name. I spoke with him personally (on some other business) and I will say his most genuine in his "find". Other than that - even he is hesitant to jump to any conclusions. Let's just see how this plays out.


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    BGG, I keep trying to enlarge this so I can see what it is Brian is trying to capture here. Can you please tell us what it is we're seeing? Thank you!

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    me too!! its too tiny to see anything! TYIA!

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    copy this into your internet browser and I think it will work.

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    Very curious.

    My mind is not working right.. it is late.

    What would those numbers mean?

    The site shows 1166 right now.

    those numbers on the screen shot..

    I am just not computing tonight. lol


    So .. is it..
    one USD = about a quarter dinar

    that would be about
    4 bucks equal one dinar?

    of course.. this is not what the CBI site is showing now.

    Wait and see... wait and see.
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    Yeah Blue, 1 divided by .277 is 3.61, which is a very happy place for me and you! :-)

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    But, it don't mean a darn thing, yet. I don't know why it's there for only that day, hour, minute or whatever it was, it would be lovely to see it permanently posted on the CBI. :-)

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    Yep.. just a rumour...

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