?Will the president to end the dispute between Baghdad and Erbi
08/19/2012 18:25

"Portal Iraq," Baghdad (Special) - probably will not be the current crisis between the province and the center Cassapgaha of crises and perhaps even to the extent estrangement between the region's president and prime minister, especially after the case of repulsion between the two parties, which was accompanied by a lot of events in her lead close representation of the Kurdistan region in the Council prime minister, but some Iraqi politicians are still counting on the initiative of President of the Republic prospective which they believe will bring a lot of solutions.
Member of a coalition of state law Mohammed Ugaili in a statement singled out (Portal Iraq) said that the Kurdistan region has exceeded a lot of boundaries and powers and had to be from the federal government to take a firm stand against the actions of the province because the Kurdish politicians are trying to strike from below the belt, adding that the crisis between the Governments of the region and the center increasingly tense because of Marwagat Massoud Barzani, who uses all statements convulsive which tries which weaken the government and the center and called Ugaili all political actors to turn to the language of dialogue and understanding in order to get out of the crisis and create a speech rational serves everyone and keeps the political process and then the trend to serve the Iraqi people.He says researcher and writer Hussein Alaslaoui it is possible to deduce two things first powers Alselassah in Iraq now count on a speech by President Jalal Talabani, who will return soon from his treatment after Fterhalaid directly According Mathaddt by the Office of Jalal Talabani, he has a new plan strategy will serve as a meeting point for all political parties litigants in the past and it's the second that the station post-feast will be the convergence of views and this does not mean the lack of the next phase of convulsions and political disputes dangerous but there are calm and a lot of politicians while the things peaked rely always on point Artkazah pulls things to the bottom and then re-things to normal a speech Jalal Talabani or his president to absorb the anger and convulsions and the state of disharmony between political entities and that the closure of the representation of the Kurdistan region in the Council of Ministers had earlier visit, Barham Salih, to Baghdad may Rdobt a lot of atmosphere and Maliki now justify that the closure of representation Kurdistan can not keep this continuity There are followers and there is a vision for the resumption of representation for her work as normal after the holiday and all these secretions political experienced by the political arena as possible to subside within the West politically agreed upon by all.On the other hand, said writer and political analyst in favor of Mayahi that the crisis between the province and the center did not come because of the oil contracts, but also that there are files seriously the most important of Article 140 and the implementation of the Convention of Arbil, adding that the Kurds have gone too far, especially their handling of Iraqis who go for tourism even made the statement Massoud Barzani, who said something to the effect that he is trying to impose a visa to enter the Iraqi Kurdistan to like in another country has a constitution and the law on trying, of course, through all his actions in the last period to say Bdavlath Kurdish despite their benefits in the federal government.On a related matter said researcher and political analyst Hassanein tangerines from the Kurdistan its map and clear they are and since time has worked to exploit what is happening from the events in the region and sawed many Kurds and Zraohm in the disputed areas and then prepare to Kurdish state and the problem as seen tangerines they play on each Alhaba˙l so they now have to balance the general budget of the intermediate in the country Add to that the gains in the government, where in addition to their ministers and their agents Common Infected, there are several general directors of Kurds in the Iraqi ministries However dislikes Kurds wonder Iraq had became king purely for them.