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Talabani appealed to calm the atmosphere between the parties corresponds to the invitation to the selection of a new president?

Published 19/08/2012 12:43 PM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation"
varied reactions of the political blocs on the invitation of President Jalal Talabani, renewable for a national meeting after repeated invitation to him on Sunday in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr ..
have found some lawmakers need to meet to invite the Iraqi president with student Others nominated other personal to lead the country due to the illness of President frequent absence from Baghdad, according to what they say.
MP for the coalition, "state law" just Hurcab said that "to be the trend towards reforms, especially after the end of the crisis, to dismiss the government," noting that "the paper's political reforms proposed accommodate each other papers which are not final and not imposed on one because everyone partners in the homeland, "stressing that" the return of President Talabani from outside the country where he left for treatment will contribute to solving problems and therefore the stability of the country, where that Talabani acting according to break the constitutional predisposing him and he proved Siadeth and maintaining its constitution as president of the Republic in more positions. "
MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Hassan Jihad, said that the delegation negotiating Kurdistan will begin after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, the negotiations with Baghdad, adding that the Kurdistan Alliance flatly refused to postpone the implementation of Article (140).
Jihad said that "the delegation will carry with him all the differences between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government, on top of the Erbil, hoping that the delegation to reach positive results." He pointed out that his bloc categorically rejects the postponement of Article (140) because it is a constitutional article.
so called former deputy member of the National Alliance Judge Wael Abdul Latif to "choose a new president of Iraq instead of President Jalal Talabani because of his health and his absence continued to practice the work."
He said in a press statement today that "the absence of Medicine and Talabani continued down proved to be a patient can not continue to work, and that choice is irreplaceable health status of the subject, without imposing irreplaceable of the same color or caste."

Wael Abdul Latif

He said Abdul Latif said that "Iraq is currently walking without a president of the republic and a constitutional standpoint, that the Vice President has no mandate and sufficient powers because playing the role of the president," he said, adding that it was "in 2003, Iraqi politicians spend most of their time they are being treated abroad and on the state treasury, If we go back to the history of Iraq, we find this thing that does not exist. "
It is noted that President Jalal Talabani addresses since about 3 months in a hospital in Germany after he held in June knee surgery.