Jaafari: It's time to overcome the crisis, which threatens the integrity of Iraq and seek to sow the seeds of discord

Sunday, August 19 / August 2012 16:33

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} student president of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari national forces Bdharoh rely on the mechanism of national reforms Avenue that transcends all particles, indicating that the manifestations of corruption, based in all state facilities to be repaired hard and planning and cooperation. "

A statement of his office has received and Euphrates News Agency {} copy of it today Jaafari said in his speech on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, "The national forces dedicated taken her blood and crossed from the stage of the opposition to the government invited today more than ever to adopt mechanisms national reform serious resound all particles, and to adopt a constitutional ways to lay the base of the new state, which is based on the work and trust and love until the achievement of the objectives of urgent and legitimate, to improve conditions pension for citizens and raise the level of services and assemble the national ranks and strengthening the bonds of security and stability, which is not only through the rally all national forces for the advancement of this difficult task and honorable. "

And that "the manifestations of corruption, which were suspended some state facilities, require necessarily Nnbra to fix all hard and planning and cooperation."

He added: "It is time to overcome the crisis that threatens the safety of Iraq and trying to drill into the wall of unity and seeking to sow the seeds of discord in the fields of the National Front, compact, to make the concerns of national above all the worries and the adoption of competencies sincere away from all considerations," stressing that "Iraq remains dire need for each of his sons and all political forces and will continue to ensure the reunification and do not waste any faction and a national symbol of patriotism measure. "

He noted that "the experience of leading change in Iraq despite the extreme difficulty of REO and multiple challenges in the way of moving onto the pyramid desired state and unfit to be a model for Tassie . " End