Talabani subtracted from Germany conditions for the success of the National Congress and speaks of "reverse" the crisis

[10:16] 12/Aug/19

Arbil August 19 / August (PNA) - put Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, on Saturday, said that conditions would succeed the National Conference, which called for the contract to end the long months of sharp differences between the political forces, speaking about the decline in the repercussions of the current crisis.

Talabani said who is currently in Germany for treatment in a letter addressed to the Iraqis on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr that he ran his duties from his hospital never ceased to news of his country.He urged Iraqis in more than once to unite and preserve the unity of Iraq.

He said in his speech, which was broadcast television "Kordsat" of the party, "I've been trying to be on the lookout detailed what is going on ... I've sent a satisfaction to myself that the last few days have seen the beginning of the decline of the state of crisis that troubled sky country."

He told the Iraqis, "No doubt you have noticed that the tone of me spasm and tension has subsided .. I do not say .. but still completely replaced tone of hope and optimism" between the parties.

He said in his speech in Arabic that must "lay understandings on the solid foundations provided by fraternal dialogue frank, put the problems on the table at a meeting of a comprehensive national political forces which we renew our call for the contract, and to create the conditions necessary for success."

Put the Iraqi leader conditions for the success of the National Congress, which he called the "national meeting" and said he must stop all media campaigns and mutual discourse away publicly convulsive.

He said, "It must for any successful dialogue to be behind references and clear for jurisdiction to .. including the Constitution and the Convention of Arbil, and the eight points, and initiatives that have been formulated in Erbil and Najaf with reform paper proposed by the brothers in the National Alliance."

He said he does not want to come out the National Congress a compromise, he said, "and most importantly we want him to put a solution to the problems of state-building in the context of a real partnership in decision-making .. Without uniqueness."

He called on Iraqis to unite and said, "must be domestic house in order to face the temptations and risks of the national character and sectarian there trying to ignite" in Iraq.