Mutlaq back to the Maliki government of the gate leadership year

08/19/2012 AD - 1:41

Nada Hadi al-Maliki

Were not the return of Saleh al-Mutlaq also announced it to the government in order to achieve the interests of the people and build a national project because the interests of the people and the national project were not the result back as he claims, but these needs and this project exists and exists before the presence of al-Mutlaq, or participation in the government and as such is not to be a reason another for the return of al-Mutlaq snap to participate government dictator Maliki as described more than once.
and story short, that Saleh al-Mutlaq Baathist freedman who knew no national day of days or believes national project or the interests of people and the country but returned to the government after he was reassured that the promises Maliki has Flex cushion leadership year in the coming period right not done wrong in the its agreements and only has to take advantage of the opportunity, especially after the empty arena from pole essential poles Thalthot Sunni leadership consisting of al-Hashemi and al-Mutlaq and Najafi and become competitive confined him and between Najafi, backed by al-Qaeda strongly .
It seems that al-Mutlaq decided to acceptance of an offer Maliki him to return to the government after he had confirmed that the Prime Minister will not forsake him this time as he does it every time for two reasons first that Maliki made ​​concessions and In advance of Mutlaq what was agreed upon in a number of issues, including the release of murderers and criminals who are associated with the organization of al-Mutlaq and return him to his position and allow him to enter the Council of Ministers as well as the implementation of other decisions relating to entitlements leadership Mutlaq of the Year nominations civilian, military and money contracting deals, prestige, The second reason, which called for Maliki to re-Mutlaq SMB Prime Minister in the corner of a critical and not Baward Shuffle or non-compliance, including to be agreed upon and as a result, the return of al-Mutlaq will provide the owners of the aspirations of the chances of a good maneuver and continue to review the muscles because then have to get rid of the withdrawal of confidence from the interrogation as he his movement this has succeeded to dismantle block competition after he managed to split described and this is what talked about Dhafer al-Ani and declared the Iraqi List, that the return of al-Mutlaq of the Government of personal decision and not been a decision list that belongs Mutlaq.
remains that agreement Mutlaq and al-Maliki risky on both sides may be the return of al-Mutlaq to the government came under the guidance of and behind the border to calm the situation temporarily and then proceed Plan sudden-like storm The other thing that Mutlaq will not abide by its pledges and his tongue and will return again to attack al-Maliki, calling suffered their worst epithets belonging to divorce her in each case quarrel and huff and Dala, also said Maliki would not hesitate to mishandling Mutlaq and place it at an angle underrated and Ctqra dating by Maliki, a deal with Mutlaq if delighted flew liabilities and returned to normal, especially with the Kurds.
whether national Mutlaq and the leadership of al-Maliki depends on the mood and direction and the psychological state and achieve personal and party interests either Iraq and the national project and other words beautiful, they cherished and estimate and can be used in times that are their need only.