Baghdad (NINA) President Jalal Talabani stressed the necessity to continue constructive dialogue between political blocs to put an end to problems and disagreements, go for reconciliation, and implement the Constitution's clauses, agreements and initiatives.

In an address to the Iraqi people on the holy Fitr Eid, Talabani called for consolidating understanding through brotherly frank dialogue of all basic problems through a comprehensive national meeting of political forces; to be preceded with ending the exchange of tense political accusations through the media.

He pointed out the necessity to rely on the Constitution, which we have agreed on respecting its clauses, alongside with Erbil Agreement, on which the government of national partnership is formed, in addition to his eight-point initiative, as well as other papers originated in Erbil and Najaf and the Reform Paper.

He pointed out the necessity to realize reality that the power any of Iraq's components depends on the power of other components; in rejecting any foreign violation of Iraq's land, sea and air sovereignty. / End.