Talabani renews his call for political forces' meeting to get the country out of its crisis

Baghdad (NINA) President Jalal Talabani renewed his call to a meeting of all political forces aimed to get out of current crisis through a solution satisfies all, taking into consideration the country and ciitizens' interest, before anything else.

In his message addressed to the Iraqi people on the holy Fitr Eid, Talabani said that the goal of the proposed meeting is not to reach a weak solution that does not last long, rather an agreement with clear clauses that guarantees to overcome current disputes.

He added that the proposed agreement is not to achieve the interests of blocs, entities or parties; it must be based on solid sources, mainly the Constitution that we all have agreed to respect its clauses, and the Erbil Agreement, the President's eight-point initiative, in addition to other papers and initiatives along with the proposed National Alliance's Reform initiative.

President Talabani concluded his message by calling on all Iraqis to overcome their differences and work toward making a society based on harmony and partnership. / End.