Bloc demands white blocks announcement met Talabani call for an end to their differences

UN Secretary-General of the Iraqi bloc white beauty melon political blocs met to declare an invitation by President Jalal Talabani to end the current disputes.

He stressed watermelon, according to a statement today on the need not to ignore the invitation of President Talabani to hold national meeting, calling at the same time to create the atmosphere before the return of Talabani of travel for the purpose of meeting the national. "

He added that the bloc white reiterates that the current atmosphere of Atahedo only to hold national meeting, which has become an urgent necessity must take notice of all the political blocs to it. "

He pointed out that watermelon national meeting is the best solution for all the problems of the country if the intentions are good was abandoned personal interests, calling at the same time, the political parties to strengthen the language of direct dialogue to resolve all outstanding problems and resorting to the Constitution as a reference to solve the crises the country. "

He was President Jalal Talabani reiterated in a statement on Saturday his call for a meeting of all political tendencies in order to get out of the political crisis by existing satisfy everyone and taken into account the interests of the homeland and the citizen foremost