The MP said the bloc Mohammed Allkash the Chairman of the Board back Nuri al-Maliki and before the rule of law bear responsibility thwart the project Shiite in the management and construction of the Iraqi state, Allkash said in a statement singled out for straightening electronic that security breaches taking place in the country continuously and administrative corruption rampant in government departments and institutions State and poor services, poor living conditions and economic generally refers beyond any doubt that the government, represented by the rule of law and the Prime Minister failed to build a state of institutions and as a result real reforms concrete to serve the nation Aloumouatun, said Allkash that the government reforms instant remedy the situation, otherwise things are going towards the worst .

The past few days have seen several security violations scandalous killed hundreds of Iraqis dead and wounded among a result of terrorist bombings and gun Aghtylat Occlusive refers to a major weakness in the security establishment.