Annual inflation in Iraq rise by 5.7% .

Saturday, August 18 / August 2012 23:02

Twilight News / The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, on Saturday, the high annual inflation index in Iraq or 5.7%, noting that this inflation is due to rising prices of rents and living costs and services.

He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement received "Twilight News" copy of "indicators of annual inflation for the period from July 2011 until the same month the year 2012, increased by 5.7% for reasons of higher prices of goods and services, which include food, rent and transport and communication, health and education. "

He added that "the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry completed the inflation report for the month of July 2012 on the basis of field data collection for prices of goods and services components of the consumer basket of selected sample of outlets in all governorates of Iraq."

And between Hindawi that "indicators of inflation for the month of July rose compared to the other is in the month of June to the previous 0.3%."

It is noteworthy that the Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology, specialized operations Census various nationwide, and most important work to do censuses general population and housing, and to do statistical operations on all areas (agricultural, industrial and other), in addition to the collection, consolidation and preparation, analysis and summarize the results of statistical operations in whole or in part .

The central bank announced last June annual inflation rate fell for the first time in Iraq to 3%.

He pointed adviser to the CBI the appearance of Mohammed Saleh to redouble inflation after the month of February of the current year was due to the increase in inflation Region dollar at the global level, and expressed the bank's readiness to intervene to maintain monetary stability in the event exceeded inflation Red Line, in what was considered the benefit that this was a a victory for economic and monetary policy in Iraq in particular.

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