Talabani: We are going to meet the national and warn of any political agreement at the expense of reconciliation citizen
Saturday, August 18 / August 2012 21:11 | : Ambassador News | | |

{Baghdad Ambassador: News}

Warned t Is Jalal Talabani of any political agreement at the expense of the citizen to reconcile the interests of the expense component or party or personal interests.

Talabani said in a speech on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr on Saturday. We are embarking on a national meeting, which is necessary to have the Constitution and the Convention of Arbil and the eight points that came out of the meeting of Irbil Najaf, the foundation resolving the political crisis

He added. Must resort to the Constitution in resolving the political problems, especially as the atmosphere became Mhih for dialogue.

He said the "agreement of Arbil, which has been on the basis of which the formation of the government and the eight points that came out of the meeting of Irbil Najaf and paper reform proposed by the Alliance for national and other securities must rely on national meeting and be based in solving problems. stressed President Talabani. need to so they can be agreement comprehensive and prevail meetings and dialogues openness and friendliness and said. not the ultimate goal to reach compromises fragile Baalag to the terms of a final implementation and proceed to state building on the foundation and pillars of PSN, cooperation and non-dissipation on the powers and partnership and work organizational. warned President Talabani. than any political agreement be at the expense of reconciliation citizen, to calculate the interests of the component or party or personal interests, but of necessity agree on the provision of services to citizens and tackle corruption and not to overlook him. added. I've been trying to see detailed what is happening in the country, pointing out that the last few days have seen the beginning of the decline of the state of crisis and tone of cramping and tension witnessed in the past few months the political speeches. Talabani explained that "the agreement must be to resolve all disputes, because of its importance, especially as the region is going through an exceptional, so you must restore the Iraqi internal house.