Posted: August 18, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

The member of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy coalition / state law / Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri to “hold a conference participates by economists to prepare a mechanism for the central bank on the issue of transferring funds abroad.”

He said in a press statement today that “the Finance Committee formed a sub-committee to follow up the work of the Central Bank and to the bank confronted a number of inquiries and investigations in the forefront of selling the currency and what the benefit of these quantities sold these auctions are high. ”

He Yasiri “The committee was discussing with the central bank to change and reprint the currency and delete the zeros and what is intended and what the companies that deal with the central bank to reprint the currency in addition to the existence of assets belonging to Iraq on behalf of the Central Bank deposited in international banks are estimated at billion dollars sixty-seven and what interest rate of retention with the money and Iraq today need it. “

“There are great fears of the process of money laundering and there are accusations of the existence of mafias within the central bank, “but did not mention the names of these mafias and those behind them, pointing out that” all countries in the world to sell the dollar once in a while and there is no country in the world sells continuously currency and central bank Justifies us that he wants to raise the value of the Iraqi dollar. “

He asked Yasiri on “How to granting the license for the currency conversion companies in Iraq and how are monitored.”

The CBI said: “The sale of the dollar to the banks intended to withdraw Liquidity from the market as it is in place in the majority of the world’s central banks”

The bank said in a statement on 15 of this month: “The majority of the markets where the price of an official price parallel, the World Bank seeks to minimize the difference between the two rates through the inspection teams, to comply with the instructions of the Central Bank, which sells the dollar to all government and private banks and branches of foreign banks, and not to the banks of civil only “.

pointed out that He “monetary policy this was welcomed by the International Monetary Fund.” :