MP Yasiri: diversity reserves of hard currency necessary to avoid the impact of the depreciation of the dollar on the national currency

Ali Abdullah - 08/18/2012 AD - 12:55 pm

The member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Hussain Yasiri, the need to diversity reserves of hard currency by the Central Bank in international currencies such as the euro and the pound sterling to avoid the effect of increasing the dollar exchange rate on the economy and the national currency.
said Alaasrivi a press statement on Saturday: Although the dollar coin its general acceptance in all countries of the world, but reliable in all dealings is not true, because of increased demand and higher value will affect the local currency, so you should encourage banks to deal in international currencies other such as the euro and the pound sterling, in addition to the dollar. added: that the acceptance of currency in international transactions depends on the general orientation to it, the evidence is that there are countries economy is strong, but its currency is not international, such as Japan and other countries have backed up a large cash and also its currency is not international, while there are countries put trade well and its currency is accepted in the world such as China, indicating a trend year by the countries of the world to deal dollar became an international currency is treated even in villages and rural areas.