08.17.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -

Sulaymaniyah - Fadel associated - Radio Sawa accused the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, the opposition parties of trying to provoke tension and chaos, claiming that there are problems in the management of power in the region. This came in a speech Thursday evening to mark the sixty-sixth of the founding of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. refused Barzani accusations by his opposition that is seeking to pass power in the region, and said: "In many cases, prejudice the other right Badthamana of seeking to control and stay in power forever. We reject this accusation as we fought for the sovereignty of the people's will and not for any person or entity, and assure the people of Kurdistan that the eternal judgment remains for the people. " said Barzani, that the people of Kurdistan will not accept anymore of violating the constitution will not be satisfied for digestion of his rights and explained as saying: "I chose the people of Kurdistan, the solution's constitutional problems, but will not accept anymore that problems remain outstanding because we endured more than our energy Because of the non-application of provisions of the constitution is digested rights of the Kurds will not be silent on that, so I ask everyone that is for the development and prosperity of Iraq and not to destroy the democratic process, to return to the application of the Constitution. " The Barzani that the power control region is currently derived its legitimacy through the ballot box and the democratic will the people are able to come up with a new authority, rejecting accusations of exclusivity in the management of power in the Kurdistan region.