When Maliki will change his approach to build an Iraq that is undiminished sovereignty?

Palm - not the shortage of aircraft or missiles or military equipment are imposed on Iraq silence and being forced (to swallow) excesses degrading our people by the apes and pigs in the Turkish government or the repeated challenges Massoud Barzani of the Federal Government also has not been the problem of electricity with its importance major life, Oanaks in providing services to citizens alone, make the Iraqi National relinquish his responsibilities does not care about what is eating away our society from the corruption of the political blocs and MPs who are involved in the looting of the people's money and even allied with the devil to overthrow the elected government.
Also not the cause of failure of the Iraqi advancement for his Iraq to shake the ground under the feet of the State of dwarf such as Qatar Uwe stand against conspiracies Saudi regime Wahhabi infidel in their interventions cemetery in Iraqi affairs, as it is not the result of luxury Obatr or indictment of the Iraqi regarding courage Ohhamth known him, not even In what imposed on us surprise and exclamation when not found is objector of the delay and disrupt the implementation of the provisions of the judiciary issued germs terrorism that fills the prisons, in the hope that it will support them, waiting for the success of one of the attempts terrorist groups repeated, in the attack on the prison, and smuggling of new but These are all just the results, and we search for the reasons!!.Which we would like to assure him here today from the fact, that we Whatever characterized emotions purity, appreciation and support towards the respect them as leaders of our people, Kalakh Maliki, to national values ​​and integrity, we can not continue in silence for some positions characterized by hesitation and weakness and lack of initiative decisive required, which sometimes reaches to the point anger where we did not find one day that respond forcefully and decisively to the challenges of Maliki's personal qualities as a leader has been committed by compromise and diplomacy and patience more than it should, which encouraged the escalation of chaos and recklessness language grossly against our people.And most privacy in this aspect, is with respect Iraqi sovereignty and directed by threats from anyone who wants to review his muscles in front of our people, until he reached the spot to (insurgency) minister or official government to comply with interrogation or formal accountability, a tradition government commonly, it is the inevitable result the behavior of liberation from fear no longer cares to come on the official traditions and lack of respect for the Supreme. Or even in dangerous situations on the issue of life and death, and expose our people to confront terrorism, or those positions that offend the sovereignty of Iraq and the dignity of our people and the most, where the result, we find that the government met all those positions degrading Once impeachment or referral to the investigation or in the protests and condemnations only. But what makes our people feel dissatisfaction, rejection so soft and unwarranted leniency.And perhaps even Thdona questions whether this people or this government, any rights or considerations needed to respond to such challenges, or even legitimate self-defense. Is it any wonder that we find our positions are Ballambala for anything??This passive approach by the government in dealing with the challenges has continued since 2003, offset at the same time weakness of the government and its reluctance to respond to the arrogance and incivility some in order to protect society and the citizen's rights and the imposition of prestige government mainly but preoccupation government to focus on the principle of compromise and mutual benefits with political blocs, and neglecting the rights of our people, has led to the painful and bitter feelings would not have to be this level of subservience, forgetting that state has no value without the loyalty of its people? So after all this Snjb if negated the role of our people in this fateful battle against corruption, chaos and looting of public funds by the political blocs and parliamentarians? Will Iraqi citizen will find enough to satisfy his stomach and his family and he does not helpless in the midst of the turmoil of grudges and lack of confidence in one another, and impose letters treason and accusation, miscarriage and even disrespect for the Islamic Mmahibna.Thus succeeded enemies of the new system in transplant despair in self-Iraqi, which became not see the government's reluctance and weaknesses only probably covered up the corruption and compromises interview, which reduced the area of ​​confidence of the Iraqi and the magnitude of the loyalties of the nation and he sees corruption (elites) political and harm the people and the nation.For example, he led hesitation and weakness in government positions confrontations with government corruption to become so in large part, the cause of the suffering of the Iraqi and what makes it feel indifference to fulfilling its responsibilities and how it seeks to take responsibility not find attention of his or her rights? Does government initiated or parliament, for example, in what could give the impression, in order to bring Almsawat between the rights of our people, and make it a benchmark because of its political client and a traitor and a kind of reality? Does one expects us to act any human idealism when he can not find state officials of initiates claim to dissolve problems worsening unemployment or the provision of services or decoding captured as a prisoner in the same and return it to open up to society as a result of the elimination of suffering from marginalization and neglect and cracked myself and bitterness and a sense of alienation!!.May be a problem to impose a constitution and targets suspicious and void does not serve the objectives of the new system of things realism, and has always been a problem stand against ability to repair many cases of corruption exists and others, however, believe also, if that Brother Maliki has presented parliament and determinedly and force idea constitutional reform , and stop Iraqi media with him, was the situation may have changed very much now .. When we can not change our lives from the inside through the principles of Amendment corrupt and tendentious, how can we if exit from Chapter VII, for example? .And that the government and from the very beginning, has shown powerful and gags in dealing with the challenges and corruption blocks through the use of means of deterrence and decisiveness required to realize the political and corrupt parliamentary criminal and terrorist official in the state, that there is authority pursue and put behind bars and it is capable of after condemning his guilt, that you send in the coffin to cemeteries. What was the day we disregard what we suffer from Massoud Barzani, or other .. Had Massoud Barzani aware that our people stand behind their elected government, would not have dared to disregard the government center in such a brazen way.The important aspect in this issue, is that the imposition of the Constitution targets suspicious and void does not serve the objectives of the new system, but I want her service Kurdish interests exclusively through the selection of items and to encourage interpretations that could be the cause of sparking the conflict and strife between the components of our people and nationalities, from During bring special formulations, encouraged the dominance of sectarian rhetoric and racial strife and hatred among some of some other in Iraqi society .. Since the beginnings was aggressive behavior is practices Kurdish leaders to pressure and blackmail going against the federal government also allowed the principles of the Constitution that the excesses of the reality of geography and history of Iraq and the available maps and facts drew ideas aggressive by Kurdish leaders to be approach Mgta of reality and constant in the policy of the Kurdish parties against the center , also justified their behavior humanly not based on threats and abuses to the Constitution.The deployment of peshmerga in the disputed areas for the purpose of control and influence over, only cases that can not be overlooked and tolerated, so it came to an end the threat of military operations against the center!!! It was all backed by Iyad Allawi in the implementation of schemes system Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia and alliances mass Baathist with al Qaeda and with the blocks corrupt and accused of publishing terror and challenge the government and was incumbent upon the government and from the very beginning, that does not allow Bastqguae Kurdish parties and exploitation of the state of Iraq's sectarian divide becomes Arbil pilgrimage politicians to work against the Maliki government, this also confirms that the weakness of government and complacency, was one of the reasons the problems have led to all causes of the political problems at home and abroad.In conclusion, the problem faced by the Iraqi and also looks, he had reached the conviction fixed, in that the new Iraq did not come for him, but came to a bunch of thieves and bastards and traitors who call themselves politicians or MPs and Iraqi forced political conditions existing She stood against his status in life, we find had been obliged to (adapt) on problems deprivation and Auzh after ascertaining that no show of force and firmness by the elected government which represents the will of the people, was one of the main reasons that brought the situation and if Iraq into what it is now as it through his belief that the government was and still is and will remain too weak to achieve his dreams through combatting corruption, this Iraqi has chosen for himself another path to move away from a problem bear any responsibility or defend.

Hussein Hamid