Friday, August 17, 2012 16:10
Kurdistan Regional Government demanding Maliki's office to reconsider the decision to close Mmthleetha Baghdad

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / ... demanded the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government Office of the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Friday, to reconsider the decision to close the region representation in Baghdad, arguing that the decision was made individually and without the knowledge of the provincial government.

The government said in a statement posted on its website carried by the agency / Baghdadiya News /, that "Prime Minister's Office Federal Nuri al-Maliki has individually, and without informing the Government of the Territory to close representation in Baghdad", expressing disapproval of the issuance of such decision, which is not a legal basis him. "
The Government considered in its statement that "the decision will affect negatively on the regulation of relations between the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the federal government, which organized according to the Constitution," adding that "any territory within the framework of a federal state, needs to be a legal institution to coordinate and do business between the two sides, so the Council Secretariat, to submit a detailed explanation about this decision, which was taken under the pretext of the lack of a legal basis for representation in Baghdad. "
It showed "The aim of establishing Representative is to improve relations and strengthen coordination between the provincial government and the federal government in Baghdad, especially in the areas of courts, education, health and border crossings and participation of representatives of the province in the committees that work in Baghdad, and the regulation of relations with Baghdad as part of the Constitution, in addition to that" Constitution, which regulates relations between the provinces and the federal government, does not contain any objection to the opening of this representation in Baghdad, in Article 117 admitted Constitution clearly all institutions and authorities of the Kurdistan Region, and in Article 121 Constitution allows for the regions that have representatives in the Iraqi embassies abroad, so it Ironically, that does not allow it to be to the Kurdistan Regional Government representative office in the capital, Baghdad. "
The representative of the Kurdistan region in Baghdad Mohammed Ihsan said that "Representative received a book entitled the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Agency to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers includes a request to close Representative Office in the Secretariat of the Council in Baghdad there is no legal basis for its existence."
Maliki's office attributed the closure of the office to the lack of official documents of representation but Ahsan said that the Office documents to work with full representation and opened in accordance with Resolution 29 Diwani, which was signed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.