Deputy Governor of CBI: We have plans and programs to reduce the rate of the dinar against the dollar over the coming period

Date: 17/08/2012 11:53:43 Friday : Baghdad (news) .. Deputy Central Bank Governor appearance of Mohammed Saleh, plans and scientific programs by the central bank to reduce the dollar exchange rate against the dinar for up to price natural market and adult (1190) in the coming period.

Saleh said (of the Agency news) Friday: The increasing demand for the dollar continues in the market, which led to get the case confusion in the market by increasing demand for dollar suddenly, leading to increased price even arrived (1300) dinars to the dollar during the last period.

continued : that central bank policy and plans by him was reduced value of the dollar gradually until he settled on a price (1240) dinars per one dollar (in the market), although central bank auction selling dollars b (1189) for banks and customers, to keep the local currency from degradation because increasing the dollar exchange rate to more than the number specified cause deterioration of the national currency.

added: Plans are in place and scientific programs and calculated to devalue the dollar further against the dinar even up to its price real to settle the (1190) JD (1200) dinars in the market and then be thinking away to make dollar equals dinars through the development of long-term plans after settling the political situation in the country and abroad and when diversification fiscal revenue of the state.

has seen the U.S. dollar has increased significantly and unprecedented him its value against the Iraqi dinar in the past months, reaching U.S. dollar exchange rate per b (1300) Iraqi dinars, after he was conservative on the price for a long time b (1170) dinars to one dollar, which was born great fear in the economic circles constantly increase its price and its direct impact on the Iraqi economy. mentioned that the dollar exchange rate current equal to (1240) dinars :