Parliamentary power: oil and gas law is an urgent need to put oil policy on track

On: Friday 8/17/2012 6:15

Baghdad / range
confirmed a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Susan Saad declared that there is an urgent need to pass a law regulating the work of the oil sector and put the oil in the political track, especially the revised version by the government. Said Saad, according to (Euphrates News) that "Iraq is one of the founders of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the tremendous natural resources, but there must be a special law to take advantage of them and developing them to serve the interests of the people, especially that he is going through a crisis of security stifling reflected heavily on the performance of political, economic and social."

And demanded that "are to continue to discuss and Tndij the content of the law in a professional and transparent manner, pointing to the need to call a group of Iraqi experts to contribute to the review of technical, professional and legal."
and called Saad political blocs to "intensify efforts to pass this law and agreed upon after the submission of sufficient concessions through peaceful dialogue and construction, especially since the revised version sent by the government to the parliament ensured the rights of all components of the people in this wealth. "
at the same time announced that the Ministry of Oil to send contracts patches exploratory fourth of the Council of Ministers for approval, as pointed out that the contract will be effective after authentication.
said the spokesman of the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, "Alsumaria News", "the ministry, last week, the contracts for Balriqa exploration licensing round four, after signing a preliminary basis, to the Cabinet for review and approval," noting that "The ministry will determine the date the final signing of the contract is final with the winning companies, after approval by the Council of Ministers. "
Jihad said that "the ratification of contracts by the Council of Ministers is effective for companies that can start its work in these patches exploratory," stressing that "the Cabinet meeting the next will be the study and review these contracts to be approved once and for all. "
The Ministry of Oil has signed, mid-July, contracts initially for the rehabilitation of patches exploratory 8, 9, 10 and 12 with international oil companies won in the oil licensing round four.
and started at the Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad, May 30 last, round of licensing the fourth for 12 exploration blocks in various parts of the country, with the Minister of Oil Abdul Karim and coffee to round includes seven gas fields and five oil.
In the meantime, noted oil expert Amr Hesham, the existence of the challenges facing the Iraqi oil sector, most notably lack of oil tanks, transmission lines export that made ​​Taqtin production and export is limited, certain, that Zaadthma need for infrastructure integrated.
said Hisham according to the Agency (news): The plan to increase crude oil production, Iraq is not a process of drilling oil and extract, but you need to well thought out plans to find oil deposits large transmission lines and ports, export multiple, because implementing the North and South do not Istoaban additional quantities of oil exported through them.
He added: There are significant challenges facing the oil sector made ​​Taqtin production and export is limited, including internal Ktdhor infrastructure and does not update some of the oil pipelines corroded and oil fields, the old, which led to the inability of the Ministry of Oil from the application of an annual plan for this year fully to increase the production and export of oil.
He pointed out: that the external challenges facing the Iraqi oil sector is the fluctuation of world oil prices and political problems and international threats and the international economic crisis, all of which led to the presence of fluctuations in world oil prices and low demand to buy it