Mhona the effect of splits in its ranks; movement Allawi: dissidents us are not decision-makers or influence or hold any position in the movement

Ali Salman - 17/08/2012pm

Renewed the National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi, on Thursday, accusing some media harassing its project and fabrication of facts, stressing that what really has the means for some of the splits in their ranks "cover up government corruption and arrests", while suggesting that the dissidents are not decision-makers or the impact of public and hold any position in it.

The group said in a statement Thursday, "The Information counter is always trying to abuse national project in the pursuit of material and fabricated the facts in order to undermine the unity and cohesion of the National Accord Movement, despising all the principles and values, journalistic," noting that "as promoted by these channels of some cleavages in the ranks of the movement is only a cover up government corruption and arrests without right and fabrication charges. "

The movement that "what was announced in some channels of the existence of a split in the movement of reconciliation is a lie promoted by some weak people who dived into the arms of humiliation and sold their conscience for money," asserting that "these represent only themselves, nor are the owners of the decision or the impact of public and hold any position in the movement of reconciliation. "

Has previously accused the National Accord Movement, in (July 12, 2012), some of the media to "excesses offensive" affect people from their leaders, called upon to pass does not contribute to political messages.

Saw the Iraqi List and the National Accord Movement, which led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi withdrawals several, most recently the withdrawal of MP Lubna Rahim, in (July 23, 2012) from the list and the movement and its accession to the Iraqi bloc free, and preceded by the withdrawal of MP Osman Algehiche from the list, in (June 18, 2012) , because of what he called "political deals that get and exchange of interests, regardless of the spoilers."

It also announced a decent MP slain, in (16 last April), withdrawal from the Iraqi List and the accession to free the Iraqi bloc, weighted by the withdrawal of many of the House of Representatives during the coming period because of the "state of confusion" with the existing ones.

The Accord Movement and the Iraqi National List, which announced its formation in the sixteenth of January 2010, led by Allawi ahead of parliamentary elections held on the seventh of March 2010, has witnessed after the formation of the Iraqi government in early 2011 splits several first of had in March of the same year.

If established the Iraqi bloc white (7 March 2011) by eight deputies defected from the Iraqi National List led by Iyad Allawi, announced its establishment officially former leader of the Iraqi beauty of watermelon, which said in a press conference held on time in the seat of parliament that the establishment of the cluster was in response to existing policy Iraq, which was not successful completion of what I planned, and the uniqueness of the leaders of the protest against the masses to take the decision without reference to Members.

And saw the Iraqi in early January (2012) the withdrawal of MP Alexander and berries with four members from the province of Babylon, as announced by dozens of members of the National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi, in the province of Basra, on the withdrawal of and joining other political movement under formation, including dissidents Movement and the Iraqi List of other provinces.

He also announced three deputies from the list are the Iraqi Abdul Rahman Alloizi and Friday and Ahmed Ibrahim Khader Jubouri, in the January 5 (2012), the formation of an independent bloc within the list due to the policy leaders that deviated from the national project in their words.