Iraq did not nominate a person to the Ministry of Defence to date

08/17/2012 13:03

MP for the State of Law coalition Faleh Ziadi

"Portal Iraq," Baghdad - The MP said the coalition of state law Faleh Ziadi said Friday that "Maidor of so ask about the nomination of a person from the Iraqi List, Free or white for the position of the Ministry of Defence Nude for Health," emphasizing that "these statements merely personal opinions subtracted from the Some of Representatives. "

A number of members have expressed their satisfaction with state law to nominate people from the Iraqi List, Free or white for the position of the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

Ziadi said that "House Speaker Osama al proved long ago that the security ministries and the Ministry of Defence is the benefit of the Iraqi list only and not for any other block."

He Ziadi he was "still some members of their association with the white list and the list of Iraq said that's what most of the leaders of the Iraqi List," he said, noting that "white list is still in the house of Iraqi and under its framework."

He continued that "the trend of state law is clear about the truce and ask what is positive and avoid all that is negative, which reflects negatively on raising the problems of political participants in the political process," stressing that "the internal focus now is to calm and dialogue and to move toward solving problems and not the activation of the problems by introducing instabilmente the security ministries, or the like. "

Is still the security ministries vacant despite the passage of more than a year to form the current government because of differences between the political blocs on the names of candidates to fill those positions, and run those ministries currently acting as the runs of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Ministry of Interior while the run defense by Culture Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi.