Urgent .. Talabani, announce "progress" in favor of talks in Baghdad .

Thursday, August 16 / August 2012 22:26 .

Twilight News / said the presidency of the Republic, on Thursday evening, said Barham Salih, deputy secretary-general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Jalal Talabani briefed the President in Germany on the results of his talks he held recently in Baghdad on the current crisis and problems with Kurdistan.
He received a presidential statement "Twilight News" The benefit of a copy of it and Talabani discussed in Germany - where the latter is subject to treatment - "the most important political issues and discussion of a meeting of political leaders after the return from a trip His Excellency treatment."

According to the Elian that "Talabani expressed his pleasure of progress in the negotiations, which took place between the leaders of political blocs, to find appropriate solutions to get out of the current crisis."

In Shan connected, Talabani met at his residence in Germany, general secretary of the Iraqi Communist Party Hamid Majid Moussa was in the meeting, they discussed the current political situation, according to a statement received by a separate "Twilight News".

To that met with Talabani, according to a statement received by the last "Twilight News", a member of parliament Safiya al-Suhail, and Human Rights Minister Bakhtiar Amin, former to check on his health.

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