The disappearance of former defense minister and the government are looking for in Washington

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كشفت مصادر مطلعة، امس الخميس، عن اختفاء وزير الدفاع السابق عبد القادر العبيدي بعد سفره الى الولايات المتحدة الامريكية، مشيرة الى ان الحكومة العراقية طلبت من السفارة العراقية في واشنطن التحري في مصير العبيدي. Sources told, Thursday, for the disappearance of former Defense Minister Abdul Qader al-Obeidi after traveling to the United States, noting that the Iraqi government has asked the Iraqi Embassy in Washington to investigate the fate of al-Obeidi.

A source close to the government, who asked not to mention his name to "Twilight News", "Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi disappeared from sight while traveling to the United States did not know his fate until now."

He noted that "the Iraqi government has asked its embassy officials in the United States to investigate the fate of al-Obeidi and his whereabouts."

The source explained that "all communications were cut with former Defense Minister Obeidi was not possible for any party to call."

The Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki appointed earlier by the Minister of Defense Abdul Qader al-Obeidi his advisor for military affairs.

The Member of the Parliamentary Integrity high Nassif has confirmed, in 24 of last April, and the escape of Iraq's former Minister of Defense, "Abdul Qader al-Obeidi," against the backdrop of financial corruption files.

The employees began in the Office of Financial Supervision move toward Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Defense for contracts arming corrupt entered Iraq with the Ukraine, China and Bulgaria, with hovering suspicions of corruption large it, but the Ministry of Defense - as source says a parliamentary - refused to hand over these copies the pretext of protecting secrets, national to contract with foreign companies!

The source pointed out that the Parliament - not to be contracts and refused to hand over copies of the integrity of the parliamentary - characterized the deal with the Ministry of Defence parliamentary efforts to lay hands on the rate of 25% of the contracts in the millions armament contracts.

Linked to attempts to pressure the Integrity Commission Parliamentary Defence Ministry the ongoing controversy about the disappearance of former Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi from sight, and the most common for traveling to the United States for the purpose of treating his daughter, and what can be caused by the disclosure of foreign contracts from the repercussions of exciting affecting persons in the heart of decision the military.

In the meantime, given the killing of bodyguard to former defense minister under mysterious circumstances impetus to these pressures, the synchronization of this murder mystery with what is being said the existence of the project include the name and former defense minister Abdul Qadir Obeidi, a list of the Interpol result of corruption a major concern deals arming the Iraqi military aircraft Alantenov Ukrainian and helicopters Algikip files and other corruption.

Raises suspicions that Brigadier Ali Eklh Sadoun was killed days before in a manner not previously disclosed the veil, was also informed decrees light atmosphere is natural, it was to conceal the rank and position it occupied escort personal to the Minister of Defense, and only his abstract «Haj Ali Eklh Sadoun »heralded the announcement.

According to some reports, the former defense minister before the assassination of its facilities personal days had threatened to expose the partners in the corrupt arms deals from around the Prime Minister of advisers and senior officials in the Ministry of Defence, identified by names.

Observers point out that the death of Brigadier General Ali Eklh lose the integrity of parliamentary investigation an important step of the episodes that may serve justice when opening files and corruption in the Ministry of Defense Abdul Qader al-Obeidi, former minister, who was appointed after his release from his advisor to the commander of the armed forces.

The contracts signed by former Defense Minister Abdul Qader al-Obeidi by the Integrity Committee of parliamentary corruption indicators include strong and contracts for the purchase of weapons from Serbia with mortars and artillery unusable, and corruption in a deal that Ukrainian personnel carriers.