Al-Dabbagh announced Cabinet decisions/regular meeting 36
Date: 14/8/2012
Meeting: 36

Bear AG announces Cabinet decisions 1. be a holiday from Sunday 19/8-23/8 and always resumes on Sunday 26/8.

2. form a Committee under the chairmanship of the President of the Office of financial supervision and representatives from the Central Bank, the Secretariat and the ministries of finance and trade to check the information received from the Iraqi bank of Commerce and the giving-book borrowers benefit obligations for the Bank and demand from bank accounts check ministries of 2005 so far positively or negatively and not make requests to open the LC J P Morqan in London.

3. approval of the authorization of the Minister concerned the validity of transfers between annual project allocations that don't entail the development of a new project and within the overall project cost if it exceeded the annual allocations for projects managil :