Parliament stresses that the deletion of zeros does not support the national economy

Date: Thursday, 16.08.2012 9:06

Baghdad / term
A member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Salman al-Moussawi, said the project to replace the currency after you delete the zeros of which does not help to support the national economy, but the success of the project depends on the strength of the economy and the stability of the domestic market.

Moussawi said, according to the Agency (news): You should think about how to liberate the national economy from unilateral rentier based on oil revenues to a robust economy based on different economic sectors before coming towards the implementation of an important project affects the economy of the country both in terms of positive or negative.
He added that implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the three by the central bank without a feasibility study will develop the national economy in a dark tunnel and the uncertain future no one knows the results, confirming that the project does not help to support the economy and raising its standards, but support comes through the activation of the private sector and the various economic sectors, and then think about replacing the currency.
called to deliberate, before the application of the deletion of zeros in order not to harm the national economy and the local currency.
For his part, counting the decision the House of Representatives Mohamed Khaldi stimulate investment in Iraq a viable solution to eliminate the crisis of youth unemployment.
said Khalidi, according to the (Euphrates News) "The investment a positive role in the elimination of unemployment being a magnet for global capital that can be through their investment projects run as much as possible of young people unemployed and salaries rewarding Ngném work in government departments."
and pointed out that "increasing the proportion of the investment budget in the country can also contribute to the work to get rid of unemployment, where the percentage of the operating budget in the country reached 70%. "
said Khalidi that "the high percentage of the operating budget is a real disaster and the omission of the importance of increasing the proportion of the investment budget so that the World Bank objected to such a high percentage that exist in the countries of the world by only 15%. "
The country has seen for many years a severe crisis with unemployment, which announced the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of Iraq in 2012 for the high unemployment rate in Iraq to unprecedented levels, pointing out that the grades which will be launched by the Iraqi government within the budget is not sufficient to eliminate them.