Supreme Council .. Feast days that will follow will direct meetings between the political parties

Follow-up - and babysit - A spokesman for the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sheikh Hamid Maaleh the next few days and that will follow the holiday Eid al-Fitr will direct meetings between the political parties. Sheikh Maaleh today that "the Supreme Council was still swishes and push the importance of activation of the road map, which has become a clear direction of reforms and continues Bhawwarath with all parties." And added that the "Supreme Council believes that direct meetings between the political parties, whether as part of a round table or in the framework of the meeting national or any other initiative that would put the parties face to face can resolve the existing problems and find appropriate solutions. "said Sheikh Maaleh that" We have found the response is clear from the various forces that we visited or Vathanaha the elderly in response to clear the rush to find the reforms and the need to speed up the " . and "we imagine that the period of post-holiday can be a suitable period to find this meeting, especially as President of the Republic, a patron of many such Alambaderah will be available after this period." The political arena is witnessing a series of crises between the leaders and the leaders of political blocs and between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Centre, which is more complicated in the Iraqi scene and the political process and in the midst of preparing some of the blocks to resolving the differences and end the crisis between the political parties through dialogues on the table of the Round Table