Mary Helen said the World Bank representative in Iraq, said the size of the Bank’s program in Iraq has reached one billion dollars.

She said in a press statement today: “The size of the support provided by the World Bank for its program in Iraq, one billion dollars to cover a number of important sectors and infrastructure, namely, (water \ energy \ roads \ education \ health \ private \ social protection). “

She said: “I was up to the end of last July, 55% of the exchange funds for World Bank projects in Chit, plus another percentage of the money will be disbursed at the end of 2012. “

She said: “Half of World Bank projects in Chit almost be funded from the Trust Fund for Chit, which will close On 12/31/2013, and that most of the projects in the portfolio of World Bank projects in Chit has achieved its objectives of development. “

Helen indicated that “These projects cover a wide range of challenges related to development and reconstruction, especially in the areas of education, health, transport, water and electricity as well as other areas. :