Member of the energy: Adoption of oil and gas law is an urgent need to put oil in the political track : Thursday, August 16 / August 2012 06:37

Confirmed member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Susan Saad declared that there is an urgent need not Issuing a law regulating the work of the oil sector and put the oil in the political track, especially the revised version by the government.

She said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “Iraq from the founding of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the tremendous natural resources, and must be a special law to take advantage of them and developing them to serve the interests of the people in particular that he is going through a crisis of security stifling reflected heavily on the performance political, economic and social development.

And demanded that be to continue to discuss and Tndij the content of the law in a professional and transparent manner, with the recommendation to invite a group of Iraqi experts to contribute to the review of technical, professional and legal.

Saad and demanded all the political blocs to intensify efforts to pass this law and agreed upon after the submission of sufficient concessions from the Pacific through dialogue and constructive, especially since the revised version sent by the government to the parliament ensured the rights of all components of the people in this wealth. “

Shidddt and the need to be aware of the political blocs that the delay in approving the law is not in the interest of one, especially that it is the main reason for the crisis taking place between the Government Center and the Presidency of the Kurdistan region. :